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17 Jun 2010 » Curl with Cookies and Headers

Every now and then I find myself needing to make an http request with specific cookies and headers to help debug an issue. And every time I resort to the curl manpage and try a few times until I get the right incantation. So, to save myself time in the future, here is an example:


12 Feb 2010 » EC2 Storms

Below is a graph of latency for requests coming into three load balancers (the dashed line is the latency for requests to the domain that fronts the three LBs, which does DNS round-robin to the three load balancers). As you can see, requests to two of the three load balancers are extremely slow (the orange and blue lines), while requests to the third load balancer (the green line) are consistently fast.


15 Jul 2009 » Maven and YUICompressor

Here's how I use YUICompressor to minify/obfuscate our Javascript during Maven's compile phase.