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Compiling HAProxy on OS X


If you want to use PCRE when building HAProxy on your mac (recommended by the docs) and you've installed PCRE using MacPorts (sudo port install pcre), you may need to tweak Makefile.osx to help it find the headers, otherwise you'll see a whole slew of errors starting with this:

In file included from include/types/proxy.h:34,
                 from include/common/cfgparse.h:29In file included from include/types/proxy.h:34,
                 from include/common/cfgparse.h:29,
                 from src/haproxy.c:63:
                 from src/haproxy.c:63:
include/common/regex.h:28:18: error:  error: pcre.h: No such file or directory
include/common/regex.h:29:23: error: pcreposix.h: No such file or directory

To fix that, open up Makefile.osx and find the two lines that define PCREDIR:

PCREDIR!= pcre-config --prefix 2>/dev/null || :

I commented out the first line, uncommented the second line and modified it to point at /opt/local instead of /usr/local:


After that the compile worked. While I was at it I also set ARCH=x86_64 and TARGET=darwin, though I'm not sure if it actually accomplished anything.

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